Electronic forms are so 2018, but many small PMU businesses still use paper forms.  Many of these printed forms are used to record important customer information and a signature.  Many small PMU businesses like yours, use a word processing program to create a printed PDF or word document and end up printing the form to retain a paper document.  This isn’t a very safe technique, wouldn’t you agree? If you had a million dollars, would you rather keep your money in a bank or under your bed mattress? Online forms are a much safer solution for storing your customers data.

It’s time to abandon your customer medical history and consent paper forms and switch to easy to use, electronic forms.  Here are 4 reasons why your PMU business needs to make the change.

Remote Access, Anytime, Anywhere!

Paper forms can be scanned and emailed easily, but electronic forms can be accessed remotely using your smart phone, tablet or desktop at any time.  With many PMU Artists working remotely at times, or being in a non-centralized location, the need to access your forms securely, with remote anytime, anywhere access is essential to running your PMU business.

Cut Costs By Going Paperless

Companies in the U.S spend billions on paper forms, and most forms are outdated within 6 months.  Having your forms in a digital format dramatically reduces your business costs. If your forms need to be updated, there’s no need to throw out a paper form and print new ones, just update your electronic version and – voila! No need to throw away unwanted paper, your electronic forms are updated on the fly.

Ensure Data Integrity and Accuracy

Paper forms are notorious for having mistakes, and it’s easy for your customers to make mistakes during data entry. PMU Sign’s electronic forms allows for data validation to ensure the information your customer is entering is in a valid format (ie. telephone and email information). It also allows for the business to ensure required information is collected and not skipped. Having an electronic form can ensure accuracy and integrity in your data, ensuring the right data is flowing where it needs to go and that you will make no mistakes running your business or tending to your clients.

Real-Time Workflow

This is the best reason to switch out your old paper forms to electronic forms.  Electronic forms allow you to receive automated notifications once your clients complete their submission to ensure a faster, more efficient visit when your client arrives.  Instead of waiting for your client to fill out the necessary paperwork, you can get to work right away. Paper forms do not allow this type of efficiency.  Real-time notifications allow you to review your client paperwork before they even arrive.


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